Crafted Websites

Designing and developing a high-end website doesn't require a massive team or time commitment. Let's build a high performing site that's beautifully designed, fast, and easy to manage using a bag of modern tools and integrations.

Photo from a recent hike in Kauai.

Hey, I'm Nickolas

I'm a freelancer focused on web design & development and process flow development. Engagements typically fall into one of these categories: 

Businesses & Professionals
You need a partner with the expertise to design and develop your web project. You value working with a small team and directly with the person designing, developing, and managing your project.

Agencies, Consultants, & Freelancers
You need an extra set of hands on a client web project. This could include both the design & development, or only a portion of the process. I'm flexible around when I get involved and my size allows me to integrate seamlessly with your processes and team.

When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my family, exercising, playing pickleball, reading, and exploring new places.

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Ideas that drive me

From an early age I've had a need to create. Whether it was drawing, painting, writing short stories, building forts, or planning and producing talent shows there was a need to envision a thing, create it, and share it with those around me. This need still drives me to seek out creative challenges and create things on the web.

My goal in business is simply to do work that provides value to others, I enjoy doing, and I can be fairly compensated for.

The world seems more interesting when we do things in our own style. This idea has pushed me to spend more time and energy on my freelancing business since it allows for greater independence and flexibility around my work and life. Most interesting has been the flexibility around the type of projects I work on and remote work.

From the start my business has been profitable and my goal is to keep it that way.

I've been experimenting and taking advantage of remote work for over 5 years. I've done my best work when I have the freedom to work from where I want and it's allowed for more time with the people I Iove and the opportunity to travel to some amazing places.

My communication style is default async and I regularly collaborate with people across numerous time zones. A few async tools I find useful are email, Loom, Notion, and Basecamp.

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Let's walkthrough the details of your project and discuss getting started. If you're reaching out for another reason or have a quick question feel free to