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Things I've built

Below is a small collection of things I've enjoyed building recently.

Custom Components & Interactions

Webflow IX

iPhone Interaction

Cool iPhone scrolling interaction built with Webflow IX. You can embed a video or lottie file within the iPhone and put a mobile interface or feature on full display.
Webflow IX

Overlapping Card Slider

Cool overlapping card slider interaction built with Webflow IX.

Custom Nav Menu

This was a unique nav menu idea Tricia had for her agency's website. Within Webflow, I was able to pull in the project image from the CMS collection, tie the image's visibility to the link hover, and add scrolling functionality to the menu in order to make projects outside the viewport accessible.
Slick Slider
5 min read

Custom Slider

This testimonial carousel was a cool addition to The Sales Rebellion's new website. Their CEO Jeff had the vision for the glitch/ static effect commonly used in videos, which I was able to replicate within the Jekyll environment using Slick Slider and a few CSS tricks.